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The website www.trendyfashion.gr constitutes the online presence of the company, named “Vagenas Nick” with the trade name “TRENDY” with VAT registration number 062959670, Tax office of Karditsa. Our company’s base is in Karditsa. (St.Lappa 20).

Trendy’s main goal is its customer service. Every possible effort is made every day aiming at the satisfaction of the customers. The creation of this e-shop aims at the direct service and the view of our products in every corner of Greece, simply by a click any time and hour within a day. Online shopping has become a simple process, always under the reservation of the adequacy of the company’s stock.

“TRENDY”, through its continuous responsibility during all its course of its business development, targets in the immediate customer’s service, satisfaction and the creation of a trust relationship.

The user of the website accepts that he has read the terms and conditions, agrees with them and undertakes to comply them.

Our obligation is our customers to be secure and always informed. For this reason he has to be aware of the following:


In order any online purchase at the e-shop of Trendyfashion to be successful some personal information will be asked from the customer. When you’re ready to order you will be asked your full name, the delivery address, your phone number, your email. In case you choose credit or debit card as a form of payment you will be asked the number, the date of expiration and the three digit safe code of your card. This procedure can be skipped if you have already registered as a member. This information will be asked only at the beginning of the registration.

The management and the protection of our customer’s personal information is ruled by the current terms defined by the Greek law (Law 2472/1997, as it is valid for the normative provisions) and the decisions, instructions and rules of the data protection authority, aiming at the placement of the customer’s order, they will no way be revealed, publicized or shared to others, unless the procedure of lifting secrecy, defined by the law, is taken into legal action (Law 2225/1994) or possible obligations resulted from the national implementation of the Directive 24/2006.


For your safe purchases here In Trendyfashion, we have taken all possible measures by cooperating both with the safest website Paypal and the bank “PIRAEUS” using the safe now protocol SSL 128-bit encryption of the bank for safe online commercial transactions. In this way all the information of the credit or debit card is ciphered in order not to be deciphered or changed during their transport over the internet.

Nowadays the protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the global standard in the web for the certification of the websites to the users and the data ciphering between the web users and the web servers.

DATA PROTECTION: According to the pattern 2§ 1 of the National Convention Berne-Paris of the article 2 § 1 of the law. 2121/1993, the Directive 93/98 ΕC, that is valid nowadays, the creators of photographs as original spiritual works have agreed that the economic right and the total of their powers, relevant to each photograph that they create will be transferred automatically (according to the article 32 § 2 of the Law. 2121/93, as it is today) and they have accepted that the current company (Savvas Tsopanidis) will have the full exploitation of these works without any restrictions, also the modification, reproduction, integration and propagation rights for all its duration (article 9 of the WIPO condition for the copyright, ratified by Greece with Law.3184/2003 – GOV A' 228/26.09.2003, 12 of the TRIPS agreement for the rights of the intellectual property in the commercial sector that was ratified with Law2290/1995 [GOV Α' 28] so was the article 6 of the Directive 93/98.


The attributes of the sold item are available and you can have access to them by searching each of their name.


All the prices that are mentioned on the available items in our site include VAT (value added tax) 24% but they don’t include the shipping costs or the costs for “cash on delivery”. These prices concerns not only the products but the quantities too, conditioning that they are available and adequate, as “trendyfashion” reserves every right of changing prices of the items sold without any previous warning.


The placement of the order through our e-shop constitutes conclusion of the sale contract that is regulated by the legal framework of Law 2251/1994 as it has been modified. It constitutes a binding purchase proposal of these items in their total price that is indicated when placing an order, as it includes VAT, the shipping and package costs, other valid charges and possible discount that you deserve as a customer.

You are able to submit valid order through the e-shop, if you are contractual qualified under the articles of Greek Civil Code, (when you have completed your 18th year of age and you are not subjected to guardianship for the award of a contract of sale). The orders can also be placed by representatives of legal entities while the company reserves the right to claim from the supervising or guardian any orders that would be carried out by contractual incapable persons.

Your order is completed by the acceptance from trendyfashion by sending you a confirmation mail to the email that you indicated when placing the order. In case you didn’t receive a confirmation mail please contact with Trendyfashion by sending mail to info@trendyfashion.gr in order to ask for the successful placement of your order.

In case you want to cancel your order (the whole or a part of it) you have to send email to info@trendyfashion.gr or call at 2441076326. This can only be possible within an hour of your order. After this time, the cancellation of your order is not possible and you can return and change the item after you receive it.


Trendyfashion, aiming at the facilitation of trade and your direct service, provides the following ways of payment:


It is possible for delivering in Greece and the total cost, including the shipping costs is 5, 5 € (including VAT 24%). The payment is made when you receive your parcel from the courier that we cooperate.


Choosing this form of payment you will be transferred to the global website, known for its safety in its transactions, where you can pay either without an account by using your credit or debit card or through your Paypal account. The process is completed in a few minutes and during it, none of your personal information (including your card’s information) is saved in trendyfashion.


Choosing paying with your credit or debit card you will be transferred to the service that offers you the safest way of payment by using your card. The process is completed in a few minutes and during it, none of your personal information (including your card’s information) is saved in Trendyfashion.


Trendyfashion reserves the right to refresh and modify the terms of the transactions, by informing first and they will validate since the date that is indicated in the e-shop. Failure to exercise any right of Trendyfashion is not possible to be interpreted as quitting from this.

The present terms are absolutely compatible with the valid European and Greek law, while the users recognize the company’s right to change the provision of these terms, if they don’t relate to binding legal obligations and without affecting finished situations.

If there is force majeure (natural disasters, weather conditions, strikes, e.t.c) the delivery of the items that you ordered will be not possible. We will contact with you in time by phone or email to note if you still want to proceed to the delivery of your order. Trendyfashion is not responsible for any inconvenient situation that is out of our fault, however we will make anything possible for your best service.


The customer has the right to return the item within 14 days, considering that the package has not been opened.